About Sesamcontainer


Easy handling

You empty the container by spreading the forks. You can work from both sides of the container (except for Sesam 600 and Sesam 1400) - placing is simple.

Environment and economy

The Sesam containers have almost twice the capacity of traditional containers on the same floor space. The Sesam container also offers reduced time for emptying.


The driver does not have to get out of the forklift to release the lock mechanism or help with emptying the container. This reduces the risk for injuries.

Forklift Operator Environment

Empties to a dump container, it is important that you do not have something heavy on the ground. The container will not tip over without outside help. The waste in a sesame Container falls out of the bottom of the waste matter is when spreads forks. Truck driver need never step out of the container and the risk of injuries is minimized.


A Sesame container is completely rectangular and holds about 40% more on the same surface as a tipping container. Less emptying means less costs.