Container with expandable bottom of the truck with a fork.

Container with removable bottom for truck with a fork. It can also be moved with wheels (optional) or hand truck.


For truck with forks.

For truck with fork.
Maximum load is 2000 kg.
Other colors.
In addition to the standard color blue can container available as yellow, green, red, white, and hot dip galvanized. Fork dimensions. By default container designed for maximum fork< dimensions: width 150 mm and thickness of 50 mm. They can also be adapted for larger fork dimensions.


If the container is not wheel it can be handled with a hand truck.

Important for the purchase of a Sesamcontainer

You have to have a truck that can separate the forks to open a sesame container. All waste from falling between the forks, so it is important to the distance between the forks. See table on page 2 of the brochure or on the website under the tab Container truck with a fork. Measure fork spread from the outside to the outside in the open and closed positions. Also measure the forks width and height. Should you not have wheels on the container, it can be transported using a hand truck. Measure then handtruckens fork Lars thickness and height and the space between the forks.