Container opened with expandable forks.

Container for opened with expendable forsk. It can also be moved by wheels or by a hand truck.


For forklift fitted with expandable forks.

In addition to the standard color blue, the container is available in yellow, green, red, white i.e., and zinked. Standard fork dimensions width 150 mm and thickness of 50 mm. They can also be adapted for larger fork dimensions.

Transport of the container

If the container has no wheels it can be handled with a hand truck.

Important for the purchase of a Sesam Container

You have to have a forklift that can separate the forks to open a Sesam container. All waste falls between the forks. See page 2 in the brochure or on the homepage. Measure the fork expansion from outside to outside in opened and closed position. Also measure the forks' width and height. If the container is not fitted with wheels, it can be transported with a hand truck. Measure the forks of the handtruck.